Everyone should adopt a Mamba Mentality. Today, we remain inspired by 24 Kobe Bryant quotes. Read his most famous quotes inside.

Artist and serial entrepreneur Rick Ross celebrates his 46th birthday posed in front of one of his many luxurious cars, a Rolls Royce, with an undisclosed location entitled The Promise Land. Today, we recognize Rick Ross' business acumen with a list of his personal tips to success. 

BET+ announced a ten-episode order for season 2 of the hit comedy The Ms. Pat Show after a successful launch only two weeks into its season one debut.

Here's a gallery then and now of the young superstar and a look at how much she's grown. Happy 19th Birthday, Skai!

There’s nothing like a woman on her grind. Yes, there’s been great strides made in the fight for equal opportunity for women. After all, the prospect of having our first female president is more realistic now than ever. Still, there’s no denying that a double standard remains. Which makes it all the more empowering to […]

Pretty soon, people will start announcing their New Year's resolutions, and if you actually intend on sticking to your 2016 mantra, Teneshia Warner is a great example for inspiration.

Some people have a negative idea of reality TV and what it does to the folks who choose to participate in the different formats it incorporates. BUT, there are quite a few stars who have turned their time on reality TV into a full-fledged career, creating a large following and a celebrity brand backing their […]

Whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, or in the form of a self-help book, Russell Simmons always has inspiring words to share and this time his new offering, Success Through Stillness, is just the tea we need. Some of our favorite celebrities – Lashontae Heckard, Amber Rose, JB Smoove, RZA, and hundreds of other guests […]