superbowl 2014

So this happened. A man who apparently wasn’t concerned with the Seattle Seahawks’ win over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII decided to talk about something other than the game’s Most Valuable Player. During a post-game conference, the crasher interrupted Seattle’s MVP Malcolm Smith, grabbing the mic as he was addressing the media. And […]

Somewhere in the world, Macklemore is still smiling. Last night, the Seattle Seahawks took home the Super Bowl XLVIII trophy for the first time in franchise history, beating out the Denver Broncos. The game ended with a score of 43-8, the Seahawks dominating from start to finish – thanks especially to the team’s league-best defense. Seahawks standouts […]

Wait, there was football on last night? After a long, long wait, the Super Bowl finally made its way to New Jersey (and its activities to New York City) only to host a lackluster game that kept nobody on the edge of their seats. But even after the Seahawks proved that keeping their chakras aligned […]

They won’t be front row, they won’t be in the crowd, and they won’t even be in the stadium, but the mother and grandmother of Denver Broncos player Demaryius Thomas won’t miss his Super Bowl debut for anything. Thing is, Katina Smith and her mom, Minnie Thomas, are incarcerated and will be watching the anticipated game […]