<p>Tasha Layton is a personal assistant/ minister, which is an interesting combination. She&rsquo;s singing &ldquo;Baby Baby&rdquo; by Joss Stone, and she has a really nice, bluesy voice. She gets a unanimous &ldquo;yes.&rdquo;</p><p>Jason Greene is kind of intense and terrifying. He also believes in magic. He&rsquo;s also singing &ldquo;I Touch Myself,&rdquo; by The Divinyls. He&rsquo;d be […]

<p>Kristin Chenoweth joins Kara, Randy, and Simon on American Idol. Kristin Chenoweth, the Broadway star, joins Kara, Randy and Simon on the Orlando Auditions</p>

<p>Did I just hear what I think I just heard? Shania Twain made several passes at an American Idol contestant, there&rsquo;s a first! I was very surprised and, yes, you have a beautiful bottom end,&rdquo; Shania Twain told American Idol contestant John Park. She didn&rsquo;t stop there, she went on to say he had nice […]

<p>If you missed out on last night&rsquo;s American Idol, trust me you missed out on one of the first hits of 2010. Let&rsquo;s start off with Lamar Royal, he was the crazy psycho Idol contestant that couldn&rsquo;t handle constructive criticism from Randy, Kara, or Mary. Ever time Randy would start talking he would start singing […]

Portrayed by Randy Moss as a woman making a money grab against him, Rachelle Washington came out on the defensive Thursday.

Do you think Moss is the victim of another greedy female