When whether you turn in your homework or not could very well mean your life.

No one knows what it will take for the NRA to take the conversation of gun reform seriously. If they won’t listen to people’s words, maybe this classic clip from Shameless will give them a better visual understanding of the potential dangers of arming teachers with guns:   Ridiculousness.

Many folks are still living off the high of Black Panther, and it seems like the excitement won’t die down anytime soon. Teachers across the country are already hosting talks with their kids about the themes of the movie — whether it be afro-futurism, African history or media representation. One Chicago elementary school teacher, Tess […]

A Washington, D.C. mother requested the video from her 7-year-old son’s school’s hallway, after he told her he had been assaulted by a schoolmate’s parent. Police are currently investigating after a parent was caught on cameras at KIPP DC Spring Academy punching Lena Mclean‘s son, John, in the stomach. In the video, John can be seen […]


The unnamed male teacher at Green County High School in Greensboro, Ga., is accused of calling Shaniaya Hunter, "the dumbest girl I have ever met."


Michigan's water crisis in Flint has also opened up concern for the state's school issues in Detroit, U.S. Uncut reports.

A Salem, Mass. teenager was convicted Tuesday of raping and killing his high school math teacher.


David Pfaff, a science teacher at Bailey Middle School, was seen snatching a chair from underneath one of his students.


It's unclear who the students in the dated video are, or if their behavior was addressed by the school. But what this video does show is that teachers do indeed get bullied.

A University of Notre Dame student has come forward with a lawsuit and allegations of sexual misconduct against a female academic coach and her daughter.

A four-year-old was subjected to embarrassment when a teacher allegedly told his mother the student was “evil” and “sinister” for being left-handed. Alisha Sands said her son Zayde just started pre-school at Oakes Elementary in Okemah, OK when the incident occurred. Sands noticed her son was writing with his right hand, even though he is left-handed. […]