National No Bra Day isn’t until October, but one Florida teen got the celebration started six months early by going braless to school. 17-year old Lizzy Martinez is pissed at her school for forcing her to cover her nipples with bandaids after rocking the no bra look to class.   She says she was told, […]


Students from Tolman High School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island were pepper sprayed and arrested by police during a protest that were sparked after an officer body slammed a teenager to the ground earlier this week.


Stockton, California police are being criticized after a large group of officers were captured tackling a teenager for jaywalking.

Kylie Jenner was hanging out with her bestie Pia Mia and the two teen stars stopped by Anastasia Salon to get their hair fried, dyed and laid to the side. Ok, we don’t know if that actually happened but they did come out fresh as hell. Kylie wore a crop top showing off her stomach just […]

Allow me to introduce 16-year old Raina from New York City. This talented young artist is trying to make it in the music industry and not get lost in the bright lights and fame. She is very aware of the importance of remaining grounded in school. Especially given that the majority of minority communities don’t have […]

A teenager from Birmingham, Alabama was shot and killed during a fight that began on Facebook over the weekend, a CNN affiliate reports. Kierra’onna Rice, 14, was allegedly bullied by a group of girls on Facebook, according to the girl’s mother, Alicia. Rice and a group of girls decided to meet at a park on Friday to […]

A 13-year-old girl from Salina, Kansas was found dead in her home around 1:30 AM on Friday after she had been stabbed to death. The Sheriff’s Department of the county isn’t revealing if arrests were made yet, or if anyone else was present inside of the home when Galazia Niehaus was murdered. According to KWCH, a neighbor […]

A Minnesota man shot a 17-year-old girl after she asked him not ride his lawn mower in her yard. Chad Pickering, 40, of Bemidji, shot the girl three times as she stood on her deck Monday evening. The teen was shot in her right thigh, left ankle, and her chest. Her injuries were treated at […]

Talk about the failed war on drugs. A Texas teenager who was allegedly making and selling marijuana brownies has been charged with a first-degree felony and could spend a lifetime behind bars for baking up the edibles. Sounds ridiculous, right? Not to authorities, who said they found Jacob Lavoro’s illegal operation that included 1.5 pounds of […]

A 13-year-old in Chicago has been charged with killing his 16-year-old cousin after an argument stemming from an Xbox got out of control. The teen was charged as a juvenile with first-degree murder on Monday. He is expected to appear in juvenile court later today. According to the Chicago Tribune:  The 13-year-old shot his cousin, […]

A Pittsburgh teenager has been arrested after he beat up and raped a retired nun in the parking lot of a Roman Catholic church. According to Fox News, 18-year-old Andrew Bullock asked the 70-year-old nun if she needed help in the parking lot. When she declined and thanked him, he flashed her and then proceeded to […]

Senseless gun violence has once again stricken New York in one of it’s biggest tourists attractions. Corey Dunton was arrested last night in connection to a shooting in Bryant Park’s skating rink after the shooter decided to talk about it on Facebook. According to The Daily News, the 16-year-old went to the park looking to […]