With the Easter Sunday bombing in Pakistan that killed at least 60 people marking the second terrorist attack within a week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to share his thoughts on the state of our world.

In the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, the world continues to mourn. But some are using the tragedy to do more harm than good.

Late night hosts have the unenviable job of calming America's nerves after unfathomable tragedies happen. 

129 people have been killed, and 352 injured, in the Paris terror attacks that occurred on Friday, November 13th.

Survivors from Nigeria’s biggest massacre to date have spoken out against Boko Haram, describing how the militant group killed over 2,000 women and children “like insects.” The attacks began when the terror group took over Baga, a town near the northeastern front of Nigeria. After creating a military base, the group rampaged the villagers, launching rocket-propelled grenades and assault […]