It’s funny how the media makes it seem that people of color are the ones committing every crime in this country, from heinous to petty. The only difference is that White folks usually get caught doing the crime and deny doing it — even if their caught red handed. Like one Cleveland man who tried […]

Tis’ the season for robber and thieves to risk it all, just to steal someone else’s holiday joy. But one thief came out unlucky after being captured by a babysitter (Kate Anderson who nannies 1-year old Desmond in Washington), who spotted the package thief trying to get away with the Christmas presents. When Anderson spotted […]

Just in time for the holidays, scammers have come up with a new way to steal from the fortunate and give to themselves. Those people are called Porch Pirates. According to ABC News, Police across the country are warning residents to be mindful of their packages as holiday gift deliveries are more susceptible to robbery […]

People are bold enough these days to walk onto a stranger’s porch and attempt to steal their packages. In this viral video, a man get’s caught red handed trying to collect someone else’s parcel for himself.  Word to the wise, if you’re a homeowner who usually gets a lot of packages sent to your home, […]

People can easily deal with liars, but no one likes a thief. Gabrielle Canales was caught on video snatching $5 from a tip jar in an Uber car and now she claims she has been harassed since it went viral. The young woman says she paid the driver back before the footage emerged and therefore […]

Chris Brown found himself in hot water on Tuesday (August 30) after a woman claimed that he'd threatened her with a gun—but now reports are implying she may not be so innocent herself.

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Underneath Serena Williams‘ tennis gear is a Superwoman uniform.

Last March, a pregnant woman was about to head to the hospital to deliver her baby, when two men began pointing guns at her before That awkward moment when you get your chain snatched…. It’s a good thing NBA Star Steve Francis has people looking out for him, because apparently his stolen chain will soon be returned – and that just does not happen. As TMZ previously reported, the retired basketball player’s chain was taken while he was at […]

They say God doesn’t like ugly and this may have been a prime example. Back in Drogheda, Ireland, one guy found himself attempting to steal a car – reportedly, a “shiny Mercedes” – but things didn’t quite go as he expected. The thief threw a brick at the car, but the brick bounced back and hit […]