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My name is Carlos St. John, and you can think of this as my formal introduction to the hip-hop community. I’m a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. And I already know what you’re thinking ‘annnoooother raaaapppperr’?! I’m laughing as I’m writing this cause I know exactly where you’re coming from. I usually think the exact […]


Juan C. Garcia killed in his front yard. Garcia, 16, was shot by someone during an argument. This is too sad, another young life taken by violence. School officials described the Garcia as an honor student, junior class president and platoon leader of the ROTC program. Garcia’s friends describe him as a fun loving kid […]


So America’s number #1 paper chaser, Bill Gates, just got bumped off The Forbes World’s Billionaires list. As is turns out he didn’t make as much paper as he thought he did. His boy, Warren Buffet, also got knocked down a couple spots. So who took the top spot? Well luckily we have the top […]