We are celebrating the best troll on the net today with a series of Lil Nas X's most unapologetic and entertaining tweets. Happy Birthday, Montero! 

If you look up the word controversial in the dictionary, right next to it you’ll find a beautiful, vibrant photo of Azealia Banks, her bright smile and possibly with a blunt in her hand. Real fans give credit where credit is due — but also call it like they see it. Hence the reason we’re […]

Despite all the history Black Panther is making and all the barriers it’s been breaking down, there’s still always that one person who brings hateration to the dancery. According to reports, that one person is Busco, aka Brandon Moore, who’s known for creating the “What Are Those” meme. The term had already made its way […]

  What do you do when the internet hates you? You troll, troll, and troll, until you can’t troll no more. It’s no secret that the internet and its minions love to hate on Drake, and for very good reason. Somewhere in between his ugly turtleneck sweaters and Jordan jumpsuits and his stupid baseball gloves and terrible dance moves, […]

Yung Joc is known for his silly behavior, but the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star had to come to his own defense this week after a photo of him in a dress made its rounds on the Internet. The social media jokes were endless, and hilarious: After being roasted for about a day and […]

Khloé Kardashian has always been the outspoken sister of the Kardashian klan — especially when it comes to clapping back on social media. Khlo’ Money still has the magic touch when it comes to firing back at Twitter trolls. On Wednesday, in the midst of the NBA playoffs, a Twitter user tweeted Khloé telling her […]

Gilbert Arenas' sexist social media rant about the WNBA may finally be coming to a halt, after a few of the league's stars called him out on his antics.

Erykah Badu may have to add Mrs. Steal Your Man to her list of nicknames.