It's time for the Twerkulator! City Girls are back with a summer anthem thanks to this viral sensation. The Miami rap duo dropped off a visual for the long-awaited single "Twerkulator" directed by the queen of music videos, Missy Elliott herself. 

Women all over the Internets are popping it to Motzart and Beethoven.

Let’s face it, some of us are either punctually challenged or chronically late. And if you’re enrolled in a school, you know teachers and professor can be harsh when it comes to showing up late. Well one teacher apparently wants to teach his students a lesson and give them a workout by making them dance […]

These two didn't let a wire fence keep them from grinding on each other.

When a woman wants to get her twerk videos off, not a baby, a fire nor a pet can stand in her way. If you thought this woman smacking her bunny was hilarious, flip through to check out more hilarious videos.

If you were looking to end your weekend on a high note, look no further. This video of Rihanna twerking to “Bad In Bum Bum” is all you ever really needed in life.  

Things escalated quickly as this couple recorded their mashup video. Sorry sis.  

Another week is almost finished, which means it’s time to practice your dance moves in random places. The Ceraadi sisters definitely brought the care-free vibes when they decided to break it down in their kitchen. Watch the trio put in work to Blac Youngsta‘s “Booty” below!