After years of controversy over models who appear on magazine pages, Vogue has finally adopted a new model policy rule that is leaving a lot of veterans in the business very pleased with their decisions – including Tyra Banks. PHOTOS: NEW COUPLE ALERT! Drake & Tyra Banks Go On A Date At Disneyland The supermodel […]

Well, well, well! NEW VIDEO: Drake & Rihanna “Take Care” Drizzy Drake is working his rap magic on former supermodel Tyra Banks! Drake and Tyra Banks were spotted at Disneyland hanging out and flirting with each other while bouncing between rollercoasters and kiddie rides.  PHOTOS: Beautiful Black Super Models On Our Generation! Without much success, […]

You’ve known her as a supermodel, actress, producer, talk show host and author, but now Tyra Banks has merged all of her talents to become one mega businesswoman! Tyra recently received her diploma from Harvard University’s Executive Education Owner/President Manager Program on Feb. 17th and with the premiere of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 tonight and […]

If this model’s body begins to influence the beauty ideal, then we are in some serious trouble. 30-year-old model Ioana Spangenberg measures in at 5ft 6 inches tall, weighing 84 pounds. But the most shocking part of this all is Ioana’s 20-inch waist. PHOTOS: Black History Does Fashion: Black Models Of The Past She has […]

Tyra Banks was spotted hanging out and having a blast with the performers of Cirque Du Soleil in New York City last night.  As a top supermodel, Tyra was always a huge fan of the freak show because the odd forms and contorted movements always reminded her of what a model is and could be. […]

Is that an army of green superwomen led by supermodel/talk show host/aspiring author Tyra Banks taking over NYC? Yes, that is Tyra Banks and yes, she is wearing a pink catsuit, black knee high boots and an inexplicable eye patch with an eye on it. But don’t fear, she’s not planning to take over the […]

It seems like every time a celebrity turns around, someone is trying to grasp his or her attention in some way. Usually these people are fans and they simply want a picture, a hug and an autograph. It’s part of a celeb’s life. But there are a select group of fans who have other intentions […]

  Tyra Banks and her boyfriend, John Utendahl, spent the holiday weekend basking in the sun in Mexico. Tyra rocked a sexy blue bikini baring her curves and left little to the imagination. The hot couple enjoyed a romantic getaway south of the border after Tyra was nominated for Choice TV: Personality at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, […]


Russell and Dr. Ben hit the Governor’s office in NYC for a rally to end the Rockefeller Drug Laws.  Check out the new episode of ‘On My Grind’ to see what Dr. Ben & Russell want the Governor to know! -Michael Skolnik Produced and directed by Christina Paljusaj -Russell Simmons


Produced and directed by Christina Paljusaj Russell visits the Magic convention in Las Vegas and shows off the new season of Argyleculture. -Russell Simmons