This is horrific and unimaginable. A rideshare driver has been charged in the case of a missing 23-month-old after she allegedly sped off with the toddler in the backseat of her car. The little girl’s father got out of the car to retrieve her from her car seat after their trip when 25-year-old Sharena Nancy […]

For these moms and dads, words like 'Netflix' and 'Uber' are really hard to say.

One rider’s first experience in a Nigerian Uber was memorable to say the least.

We all get frustrated with Google Maps and the Waze app ever so often, but has your GPS ever took you the pedestrian route — while you were driving? Apparently, that’s a thing with Uber, because multiple drivers have been photographed being stuck on  a public staircase due to following the app’s navigation system. At […]

Bike Riders in major cities everywhere can rejoice. They can officially feel apart of the larger commuter community now that Uber has launched its bike sharing service in partnership with JUMP. JUMP is a a startup that recently received the first and only permit to operate dockless bike-sharing in San Francisco. But where does Uber’s […]

Ever wish you could stay in bed and send someone else in your place?

Uber is definitely an app that’s transformed how we think about transportation. It was only a matter of time before a car service would add bike services to their model. Uber announced a bike pilot program in San Francisco on Wednesday after partnering with New York-based bike sharing company Jump. These aren’t your average bikes either. […]

When a health crisis happens, tradition tells us to call 911, but now it seem the future may be in Uber. According the a report released on Wednesday, ambulance usage is dropping in the U.S. and researchers think ride sharing services might have something to do with it. The report collected ambulance usage rates in […]

An Instagram fly-out went wrong, but this Uber Driver saved her passenger and shared with Twitter.