TMZ reports that Uber drivers are quitting because they're pissed about the company's response to the 'Muslim ban.'

Is this a genius way to calm safety concerns, or just the latest tool to creep? Uber has implemented a new safety feature that allows users to track family members’ rides in real-time. The feature, called Trip Tracker, is an example of Uber’s recent focus on safety following multiple news reports of disturbing occurrences between drivers and riders. […]

Atlanta by way of Tokyo rapper MADEINTYO burst onto the music scene when his K.Swisha-produced song "Uber Everywhere" went viral on the 'net.

A U.S. couple is gearing up to launch a female-only ride-sharing service.

Grammy-winning songstress Ashanti confronted her stalker at Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, begging him to stop.

Andre wound up in a car with a random girl who lived in the vicinity and after talking for a while, he invited her to the studio - where Kanye, French Montana, Puff Daddy, Kid Cudi, and 2 Chainz were all hanging out and working.

Only two weeks into the new year, and Uber is in hot water again. The driving service is under fire after a New York City Uber driver refused to pick up a woman who was in labor. According to reports, David Lee and his wife called an Uber to the hospital, but the driver complained because the expectant […]

According to data pulled from the census, 76 percent of the city’s African-American population would have to relocate in order for Chicago to be completely integrated.


Roker's experience is not unique -- cabs passing Black men and women is a decades-long problem that has both been addressed through the lens of racial profiling and comedic fodder.

As convenient as Uber, sometimes it can pose a risk to ones safety. That was the case for a San Francisco woman whose Uber driver threatened to rape and kill her after she canceled her ride. The woman, named Eve Batey, documented voicemails and phone calls from the raging driver. Batey claims that after the driver called, […]

An Australian woman claims that she was violently attacked by an Uber driver for talking on the phone during the drive. She claims the driver started screaming at her, and then proceeded to drag her out of the car and run her over. The driver has been removed from the company. [Complex] A Texas teenager […]