Last night (May 26) in Atlanta, the legendary Houston and Memphis rap duos met in an all-time classic battle. Click inside to see reactions!

Can you believe it’s been nearly 13 years since we lost hip hop legend Pimp C? It seems like just yesterday that the Houston native put the world on to what it really meant to be a chopped and screwed Southern King. Many hip hop artists we know and love these days have been influenced […]

From turnt up to laid back, these videos will give you all the warm weather feels.

He might have started from the bottom, but he won’t forget the place he calls (second) home. This weekend, Drake is hitting up H-Town to show some love and appreciation. And he’s going all out for the city where candy-painted cars are the only things on the street and “making it rain” is not just a saying. In […]

With news of solo albums coming from Big Boi and Andre 3000 in 2014, Big Boi releases a remix of his Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors track “Gossip” and mashes it up with Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla.” “No introductions needed boy, just call me the undefeated/ And underneath this Georgia drawl, I know I can’t be seen […]