Bryan Asrary is in custody for allegedly trolling the 'net for Justin Bieber fans, targeting young girls and threatening them into sending him nude photos.

The media has been giving Tyga hell for dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, but according to the West Coast rapper, there is nothing immoral about them being together. To add to it, the law is pretty much on Tyga’s side unless someone complains – and new reports state that no one has made any against the 25-year-old. TMZ […]

In the midst of their collaborative album dropping, Chris Brown and Tyga open up about everything – and we do mean everything – in a couple of new interviews. The dynamic duo stopped by Hot 97 to chat with Nessa about their music, publicized relationships, and more. CB was asked a series of questions, including one about Drake. But Breezy frankly stated that he […]

Tyga is showing the ultimate amount of love to his “close friend” Kylie Jenner. The Fan of a Fan rapper took to Instagram to shout-out the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister, calling her one of the dopest people in his life: Tyga and Kylie are rumored to be dating, even though she’s underage. He allegedly left the mother of […]