Mitt Romney has binders full of bitches, whoops, we mean women. DETAILS: Mitt Romney Avoids Paying Taxes Via Mormon Loophole With Election Day less than a week away, more and more political parodies are popping up. One that caught our attention is written and performed by Steve Colman, aka “Slick Mitt.”  “I got houses for […]

Ryan Gosling was absolutely adorable as a 12-year-old! PHOTOS: ‘Ye, Ryan Gosling & More Stylish Men We Want To See On Mags As part of the celebration for the 40th Anniversary of “Canada AM,” the news show released some awesome interviews that include a lot of our favorite entertainers! We’re talking some gems featuring superstars Avril […]

Take me out to the ball game! VIDEO: Lil Wayne Responds To His Hilarious Deposition Video  Lil Wayne loves to sing, and apparently, he really loves to sing the old time baseball classic “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” During Game Six of the San Francisco Giants against the St. Louis Cardinals, Lil Wayne […]

Yesterday, Tom Hanks stopped by Good Morning America to promote his new movie Cloud Atlas. The 56-year-old actor sat down to talk about the movie, and even impersonated his character from the film.  EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hanks Brought Film To Life In “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” Before channeling the character, he did warn the audience that he […]

Every once in a while, someone comes along with a great idea to mix two worlds that no one would ever think of! PHOTOS: Honey Boo Boo Goes For A Ride And that’s exactly what happened when Screen Junkies convinced acting legends Christopher Walken, Colin Ferrell and Sam Rockwell to read a transcript from a […]

According to Alexas, Google is the second most viewed website in the world. It’s a fact that surprises no one…other than rapper DMX, who not only doesn’t know how to use Google, but who doesn’t know how to use a computer. EXCLUSIV INTERVIEW: DMX: “I Just Been Made A Deacon At A Church” This became hilariously […]

Get ready for a good laugh!  When the “Sh*t Says” YouTube phenomenon went viral earlier this year, comedian Billy Sorrells made sure to do a “Sh*t Says” video for his “sistas” with “Sh*t Black Girls Say.” Since then, his parody videos have received millions of views. Billy came up with another hilarious series of parody […]

Kanye West is too fly! NEW VIDEO: DJ Khaled Featuring Kanye West & Rick Ross “I Wish You Would/ Way Too Cold!” So fly in fact, that his dancers from the 2012 Australian tour do an interpretative ballet style routine, while in flight!  And what’s cool about this video – aside from the oblivious passengers, […]

With new fame geared towards Olympic Medalist, Ryan Lochte, many fans took to YouTube and different social networks to expresses their affinity for the sexy swimmer.  VIDEO: GlobalGrind’s BlogXilla Talks Olympian Ryan Lochte’s Iced-Out Grill This new video comes after the Olympic Team already did their own version of the hit single “Call Me Maybe.” […]

Sweet baby Jesus! This has to be the worst rendition of the “National Anthem” ever! Instead of letting freedom ring, 11-year-old Harper Gruzins left thousands of people’s ears ringing when she sang the “National Anthem” at a FC Dallas and Los Angeles Galaxy game this past Saturday.  Presented as a “singer/songwriter,” the adorable songstress kicked […]

GlobalGrind took it to the streets to see if moviegoers will still venture out to see Christopher Nolan’s latest film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, after the massacre in Colorado that left a dozen people dead and many more wounded. DETAILS: Dark Knight Shatters Box Office Records A majority of the citizens in New York […]

Comedian Tony Roberts, who previously appeared on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, has released a new YouTube video entitled, “You Need Yo Ass Beat!” VIDEO: Grand Theft Aero! Suspect In Colorado Slaying Steals Plane & Crashes In the hilarious video, the Detroit native gives reasons as to why some need their asses beat! VIDEO: FUNNY ASS COVERS: […]