Viral Video

Eight years and over 800 million views later, we’re finally finding out how the kids in the much-loved “Charlie Bit My Finger” video feel about their internet fame. In an interview posted on US Weekly, Charlie and his brother Harry weighed in on their place in viral video history. When asked if they felt embarrassed at all, Charlie, […]


Twenty years after its release, The Lion King is still giving children from all over the world a serious case of the feels. Don’t believe…

Talk about first world problems. A father from Michigan decided to joke around with his little girl but from the looks of it, she didn’t take it too lightly. When singing one of the most memorable songs from Disney’s blockbuster hit Frozen, he got some of the words mixed up and his 2-year-old wasn’t having it. […]

A mother has been locked up since 1994 after being accused and charged for slitting her son’s throat, but a judge just found her innocent after all these years. Michelle Murphy is now a free woman after new evidence showed that DNA did not match up. She received the news just this past Friday. That […]

So this happened. A Texas woman gave birth on the curb in front of a hospital and her husband caught it all on his GoPro camera. Talk about a money shot! In the early hours of June 28, Kristin Dickerson of Rosenberg, Texas was 42-weeks pregnant when her husband Troy rushed her to the Texas Medical Center. […]

It takes a lot of talent to cover any Beyonce song, but covering her entire album in just minutes? Impossible – or so we thought. Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying have become YouTube sensations for their amazing song mashups and covers, hilarious Q&A’s and more, but it’s their Beyonce cover that’s really garnering some major buzz. […]

Who knew Kanye West had MMA-type fighting skills? Apparently, everyone except us. A new video titled “Kanye West fights the paparazzi” popped up online this week, and went all the way viral. The grainy video from Austin, Texas shows a blurry figure in skinny jeans, who looks a lot like Yeezus, fighting two dudes who […]