wayback wednesday

The nostalgia in this post is almost unbearable, so hop on the nostalgia bus and let us take you for a ride...

Happy birthday, World Wide Web. You turn 25 today. And gosh, where would we be without you? Without you there would be no email, no Wikipedia, no Google maps and we would still be buying porno in the VHS form. Oh, and we wouldn’t be here, either, since, ya know, we need you to exist. […]

Yesterday was an eventful day for Kanye West. His combative interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club stirred up a social media buzz, but it wasn’t until Kanye spazzed out on longtime supporter Sway Calloway that the internet combusted with disappointment and disgust. It’s become very clear that Kanye’s a confused and conflicted soul, so we […]