It’s April 1st, which means April Fools Day is upon us. A lot of companies have already begun setting up their pranks on social media, so before you find yourself becoming a victim of an online hoax, check out our list of corporate tricksters to watch out for. Sorry guys, there will be no Chocolate […]

Wendy’s is no stranger to controversy. Over the past year, the fast food chain has been in Twitter wars with competitors like McDonald’s and Wingstop. Not to mention, certain celebrities are claiming they have a lack of support for women farm workers. So in short…Wendy got some drama. Now, the company is taking some of their […]

So we need to have a talk about our girl Wendy. Of course we’re talking about the Wendy behind the fast food chain’s Twitter account. She’s putting competitors on blast left and right with no mercy to spare. She already found herself in some beef with Wingstop last year and it got so intense, she […]

Things just got real in these fast food streets. The popular chicken restaurant Wingstop thought they would be cute on social media, tweeting out a remixed version of Migos‘ “Bad & Boujee.” Wendy’s peeped the rhymes and they weren’t having it, so they channeled Kendrick Lamar. Wingstop was NOT ready. This was not some random […]


In the latest allegation of fast food employees attacking customers with racist comments, two workers at a Wendy's in Arvada, Colorado, have been fired after reportedly leaving the N-word and other slurs in a kids' meal.