Christina Aguilera: Spray Tan Or Period? You Decide! (POLL x PHOTOS)

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    Christina Aguilera has been the talk of the town ever since her performance at Etta James‘ funeral.

    When the “Dirrty” singer paid tribute to the deceased soul legend with a rendition of her hit “At Last,” Xtina’s voice wasn’t what had people talking. It was the mysterious liquid dripping down her leg!

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    Everyone has been speculating about the liquid, with many people thinking the worst: a menstrual leak!

    However, an inside source told Us Weekly that the leak was from a do-it-yourself fake tanner spray, which started to drip when Xtina began to sweat due to nervousness.

    After the performance, Christina tweeted about her experience singing at the funeral:

    One of the greatest moments of my life…Singing with my idol, the legendary Etta James. You will be forever missed.

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    One of the biggest moments of your life is a great reason to be nervous, but by looking at the pictures, there’s a chance it definitely could be either one.

    We have to ask: what do you think the liquid was? Needless to say, whatever the outcome of the poll, most people’s minds are made up. Period. 



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