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Earlier this morning we got news Jeezy was stabbed and hospitalized. Turns out that the info we received was not true. According to an eye witness, a fight broke out among about five people, one guy was slashed in the face. When Jeezy heard about the fight he ran over to the brawl, shots rang out and everyone ran out the club. That is what we know. We also know that LA The Darkman is claiming to have beat up those CTE cats once again.

Here is what happened according to Sandra Rose:

‘a brawl broke out between Grand Hustle’s DJ Drama and Young Jeezy’s crews around 2:30 am, moments after Def Jam artist Jeremih left the stage. Furniture was thrown and as many as 20 men were involved in the fracas as frightened patrons scattered for cover. The altercation spilled out into the parking lot across the street from the Georgia Aquarium where gunshots were heard. No one was reported shot, but the most seriously injured man was Jeezy’s personal security, the popular “Bama,” who sustained multiple stab wounds to the face. Most of Young Jeezy’s bodyguards and entourage were arrested at the scene. Also placed in handcuffs was Akon’s brother Bu, A&R for Konvict Music, who was rolling with Jeezy’s camp last night when they showed up at Luckie’s 40 deep.’

Violence in hip hop is nothing new, we just celebrated Tupac’s birthday, and it seems like we still have not learned. There is enough money to go around for everyone, so do we still need to prove how real we are? The day has changed but unfortunately our culture has not. The media, this time as bloggers and vloggers will run just about anything, and our job here at GlobalGrind is to bring you what the bloggers, vloggers, and artist say. Whether good, bad, true or not, but we need to frame it in a way that is fair and accurate.

The last thing I want to do is be apart of something that is untrue, or promotes violence. I am constantly reminded that with Great love all things are possible, and I just wish we can all get along and stop the violence. One way we can stop all this violence is with one thing we all love. Hip Hop. Pick up the mic and battle the dude you got ‘BEEF’ with, its a lot safer and more entertaining to watch, than N*GGAS killing themselves!