Melissa McCarthy’s latest movie Life Of The Party is about a woman, name Deanna, a housewife who makes a tough choice to go back to school when her husband suddenly dumps her. She turns regret into reset, going to the same school as her less-than-thrilled daughter. During her new journey of self-discovery while fully embracing […]

Seth Gordon looks like a pretty affable guy … kind of big bear guy with expressive hair and a sincere voice. Exactly the kind of guy you could kick back a few beers and shoot the breeze with.  And it’s exactly in that laidback mode that we shared a light hearted conversation about Horrible Bosses, […]

Seems like celebrity moms had a fun and heartfelt Mother’s Day with their children and husbands yesterday. Many celebs went out to brunch with their children, or had some recreational fun with their kids on the special day for moms. Gwen Stefani spent Mother’s Day with her sons Kingston and Zuma at Primrose Hill in […]

With a million plus videos posted on YouTube a day, it’s hard to discover what’s hot, what’s not, or what’s trending. So we here at GlobalGrind have decided to round up the most hilarious, funny, politically important, amusing and amazingly trendastic videos right to your computer screen. The most hilarious video GlobalGrind found today has to […]

What a mess one statement can make. Ciara ignited a war of words with Rihanna when she appeared on E!’s Fashion Police to rip on red carpet looks , and, apparently, air out some dirty laundry on the pop star. “I ran into her recently at a party and she wasn’t the nicest,” CiCi said. […]

Its looking as If not everyone Is entertained with the feud between the queen Mc & her rightful air to the throne, Nicki Minaj. late Yesterday evening a video hit the web of a fans emotional outbursts dealing with the ongoing beef, In the form of a song. Singer/Rapper ‘Tabitha’ shows an Interesting point of view of a fans […]

Excuse super producer and ATL resident Jermaine Dupri if he’s still a little tiffed at being passed over for Usher’s last project, ‘Raymond v. Raymond.’ The So So Def founder says that actually he’s gotten over the fact that Usher chose not to work with him despite the fact that the two struck music gold( […]

Who is Oprah Winfrey?  If you ask 50 Cent, he’d present to you a scraggly and adorable grey terrier that is fully equipped with a Twitter account to spit shockingly dirty wrath in human lingo.   Fiddy’s dog, Oprah’s Twitter account @OprahTheDog was launched with, “50 is crazy I want a new f-in owner he […]


Soulja Boy is in desperate need of a new publicist. As you’ve no doubt heard, the ‘Pretty Boy Swag’ emcee has been in the middle of controversy involving Super-Groupie Kat Stacks and a few lines of cocaine. Last night, Soulja went on a bizarre twitter rant against Fabolous, threatening to beat him up. He’s since […]


It’s unfortunate but we all know the life span of Female rappers is half, maybe even one-third of what it is for a male rapper. When they come out they come in to a male dominate rap world, fighting to prove themselves worth a space in this competitive market. They come with their hardcore lyrics, […]

Gucci Mane and Deb aka Debra Atney partied the night away giving you bloggers further proof that there is no beef between them. There has been a lot of speculation that Waka Flocka and his mother Deb have some sort of beef with Gucci Mane, but that’s the far from the truth. Gucci Mane tore […]