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Its looking as If not everyone Is entertained with the feud between the queen Mc & her rightful air to the throne, Nicki Minaj. late Yesterday evening a video hit the web of a fans emotional outbursts dealing with the ongoing beef, In the form of a song. Singer/Rapper ‘Tabitha’ shows an Interesting point of view of a fans perspective, of
this transfer of negative bull between the two lady Mc’s..


Quoted as saying ‘How could Y’all do this to me / How could Y’all beef / Instead of starting a f*** movement as two queens’ in the song entitled ‘letter to Kim & Nicki Minaj’ the ‘Stan’ goes off on the two Mc’s. Tears over production & Voice cracking as she spits more then a 16 asking them to stop the beef & how disappointed she Is, definitely one display of emotion that’s something to take into consideration while everyone eals is fueling this thing.


The Beef between the two has been going on for some months now, and the exchange of Jabs have been thrown. Be It Jealousy, straight hate or something more deeply rooted they choose to keep out of the public eye,enough Is enough.. Biggies gone & Kim should know better. Nicki held her silance long enough, but Its time for her to hold her tongue also.. when will these Mc’s learn, although what’s Hip Hop without the art of the Battle? *!!2uece’s!!*

To View the footage Of the fans song follow this link: