Lil Wayne goes completely “Unplugged” for MTV2’s hit acoustic music performances. MTV2 has leaked a few videos of Lil Wayne performing “Unplugged,” but last night his entire episode premiered at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Lil Wayne came out to his “Tha Carter III” intro “3 Peat,” but before he got knee deep in his set, Weezy […]

Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated performance on MTV2’s acoustic music showcase “Unplugged” has been the talk of music land. MTV2 isn’t giving away too much information about Lil Wayne’s upcoming episode, which airs June 12 at 9 p.m., but they did release Lil Wayne’s buzzworthy performance of his Bangladesh produced track “6 Foot 7 Foot” featuring […]

Halle Berry was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills with her daughter Nahla Aubry. Halle took little Nahla to a place where every child loves, Toys-R-Us, to get a few toys. Nahla couldn’t even wait until she got home to play with her toys. She pulled out her Fisher Price toy and admired her newest gadget […]

Its looking as If not everyone Is entertained with the feud between the queen Mc & her rightful air to the throne, Nicki Minaj. late Yesterday evening a video hit the web of a fans emotional outbursts dealing with the ongoing beef, In the form of a song. Singer/Rapper ‘Tabitha’ shows an Interesting point of view of a fans […]

It’s looking as if the powerhouse clothing company GAP might be re adjusting Its changes recently made to It’s clothing line logo, with the unveiling of It’s new design as of last week, feedback hasn’t been as smoove as expected with the introduction of It’s new look. Negative comments via It’s Facebook pg from those […]

WNBA’s Ashley Battle was a cool hostess, carrying out an evening of introduction for her charitable organization amongst a group of her peers, shining light on what has yet to come. Night life Of a good setting for a mature audience, letting good times see itself, loving the cause she’s dedicated to bringing forth.. A night alongside the ‘Culture […]


Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies are looking for those who stabbed and killed a 21-year-old man early Thursday morning on a Hawthorne street. The unidentified victim was driving and stopped at a light at Rosecrans Avenue and Inglewood Avenue about 2:15 a.m., said Lt. Dave Coleman of the L.A County Sheriff’s Department. [Updated at 11:07 a.m.: The L.A. […]

Siting alongside the chill Of with an appointive stance On the Music Industry, Politics, gossip & style Of the night.. Vincent Nichols Jr. Is something to take an Interest In with his form Of articulate delivery Of cool topics. An artistic vision Of the overall setting of it all, this Young man Is shore […]

In the mist Of an Industry drought, with artist spinning Out more & more commercial material monthly to keep up with trending topics & declining record sales. I sit alongside the memory Of classic albums, allowing the thought to bounce back & forth In my head.. Remembering when artist set Industry standards with recorded material […]

time to step In Ya’ fresh gear for the moment Of a cool & get right for that first School Month, Or ‘Months’ If You One Of the fly Ones!!!! [LOL] Now I know what some may be thinking, Studying On them long nights to see the signs Of success they may want to achieve […]

One Of Hip Hops Rising stars Is well On his way to seeing an evening Of a chill, this september 30th Recording artist B.o.B will be headlining the ‘National generation 44 summit kick off concert’ alongside President Barack Obama @ washington DC’s historic DAR Constitution Hall.. Named In support Of this generations 44th President Barack […]