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In the mist Of an Industry drought, with artist spinning Out more & more commercial material monthly to keep up with trending topics & declining record sales. I sit alongside the memory Of classic albums, allowing the thought to bounce back & forth In my head.. Remembering when artist set Industry standards with recorded material and embraced the originality Of the genre..

Its been Yrs since Us of the Industry have been able to embrace the thought Of a true musical composition, body of work giving us that feeling Of timelessness.. & I think to myself, are not those of the Industry In control of the products they produce, Or executive Produce for that matter? Is it not the artist Job to sit alongside a body of work with a feeling of accomplishment? Is it not the media outlets priority to shine the light On the material well deserving Of praise…

lets face it, the decline Of record sales Isn’t an unexpected surprise while coming into the age of the digital download.. Artist & Records execs spinning Out videos @ rapid speeds, looking to entertain with no substance, Producing a product for purchase instead Of actually producing a product that’s capable carrying itself within the Industry.. (I.E.- Decline Of record sales stating, the consumer doesn’t want Your Product,lol)

So I took It upon myself to compose a list, executive Producing ‘the fantasy Classics’ & Its something to understand Of its chill being Of Cool sessions, timeless material & Just Something the Industry Is In need Of… Albums worth buying!! So, In this Order, but not In this Order, lets get it going.. dig Me!!

#5: ‘Hova & Ryan leslie’s Collaboration album’- Known both for there exclusive sounds & Originality when seeing cool nights in the club, this mash up would not Only produce a great album, but also a great tour catering to two genres Of music.. Instant classic!!

#4:’N*E*R*D & Gym class Heroes collaboration album’- with the love Of both Hip-Hop & Rock, these two groups coming together could produce some of the best collaborations Of both genres of music for this day & age.. commercializing a sound while catering to mass medial, CRAZY & COOL!!!

#3:’LIVE CONCERT RECORDINGS OF TODAY’S BIGGEST ACTS’- An album Investment of the touring Industry will always be Of liking, Putting the hottest acts together On an album would be Of huge success within the Industry, think Mary J. Blige with Kerry Hilson & Neyo.. what a great listen, I love live recordings..

#2:’Your favorite Artist Produced by Dr.Dre’- It doesn’t matter who It Is, Somebody do It please.. I’ve been waiting to long for ‘Detox’ & now the $#!t Is suppose to have a new tittle? It could be called ‘____________’ & I’d still buy It, ASAP PLEASE!!!

#1:’The Return Of Ms. Lauryn Hill, Produced by Kanye west’ – A talent Pure to the Industry whe It first started has long been missed, although hyped as the greates thing In music, the ‘Miseducation Of lauryn hill’ wasn’t overrated.. We need her again, Nice to see her around again… we are waiting!!!!

…Untill Next Time… later & *!!2uece’s!!*-VNJR.