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The nine time Grammy nominated producer and artist Kosine is stepping into the limelight as an artist with his debut EP Truth Serum. He also debuts a short film that we were able to preview early at an exclusive screening last Tuesday in Los Angeles.

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Kanye West‘s Sunday service is known for flipping popular tracks into soulful gospel ballads. And on most occasions, they’ll invite famous singers to come and put their spin on classic records. It’s gotten so big that they choir even hit the stage at Coachella last year. Everyone from Sia to DMX have hit the […]

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber practically grew up before our eyes. They were our favorite on-again-off-again couple, who we rooted for even throughout their breakups and public quarrels. This week, Selena dropped a bombshell on fans, however, revealing that she suffered emotional abuse during her relationship with Justin. I, a woman who’s experienced the same […]

There are some artists that are pressed to get the number one spot on the Billboard Charts — then there are others who earn it by hard work and merit. Take Roddy Rich for example.  The young King has one of the most acclaimed albums of 2019 and is still holding the number one spot […]

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