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Kosine's "Truth Serum" EP Release Event

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty

The nine time Grammy nominated producer and artist Kosine is stepping into the limelight as a recording artist with his debut EP Truth Serum. The project reflects his personal ideology surrounding cultural themes about relationships, being Black in America, and navigating the peaks and valleys of success. The seven track EP showcases his versatility as he embodies both Rap and R&B. Truth Serum is a complete story from beginning to end, which Kosine conveys in a short film that we were able to preview early at an exclusive screening last Tuesday, May 4 at Neuhouse in Los Angeles.

Kosine has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Big Sean, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. As one half of the producer duo Da Internz, Kosine has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. The Chicago rapper, who once felt ease in the background, is getting a bit more personal with his debut project discussing his personal thoughts, emotions and consciousness to describe the true purpose of the project. Truth serum is defined as a drug that is supposedly able to induce an honest state within a person. For Kosine, the music is his drug and the lyrics are his truth.

After watching the short film also named Truth Serum (after his debut EP), Kosine’s team hosted a panel including a question and answer portion for the attendees. The project and the film began with a song entitled “Hello World,” where Kosine is contemplating where his life of success has led him and eventually, it carries him to the truth. As the short film directed by his long-time friend Courtney “Noyz” C continued, it transitioned into a gospel moment near the beach, which Kosine samples a familiar church song that any saint could recognize. “I know I been changed,” the choir sings.

The seven track EP features three artists, Leon Thomas, who was also in attendance at the exclusive screening, Jeremih, and Idris Elba.

The film starring Kosine and his leading lady, Bria Myles, painted a concise picture of what Kosine intended to convey with the project. One of our favorite moments from the movie was his emphasis on faith from the beach scene in the beginning to leading the family prayer for the new, unfamiliar family he meets later in the film.

During the panel, Kosine says to Noyz, “you put your foot in the greens,” referring to how well the project came together under his direction. “You snapped,” he continued.

Noyz responded, “I was just trying to make sure you didn’t embarrass yourself in the group chat.”

The audience laughed at the camaraderie the two clearly have formed in their decade long friendship and brotherhood. Noyz discussed how the project was close to his heart, “It spoke to me personally, because I was there. The story came to me instantly.”

Noyz said that what we saw was “the first draft.” Literally, the idea that he sent to Kosine’s email after listening to the project for the first time is what we previewed onscreen.

Thomas, who is featured on the track “Settle” and in the diner scene in the film, talks about how he simply showed up to the film’s set after slightly flexing that he was working with Drake in the Bahamas moments before. Thomas talks about how amazed he was at the way the film came together after not having the full rundown, but simply being willing to support Kosine in his efforts to release the project.

The film tackles the ups and downs that many artists face in the music industry from drugs, “demon girls,” fake friends and the constant fight to stay on top.

Myles played his leading lady and saving grace within the film, and she expressed on the panel how grateful she was to have her first real speaking role onscreen. She was the perfect match for Kosine and Noyz’s vision for the film.

The basis of the film is relatable for any creative artist, but the part that resonated most was Kosine’s return home to cleanse himself of the “Hollywood sauce.” The journey has not been easy for the producer and artist, but he has persevered through it all and he’s ready to share his story with the world.

Be sure to stream Truth Serum EP available now on all platforms. Watch the EP short film Truth Serum on Revolt.