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Justin Bieber was wandering around backstage on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when the famed talk show host beckoned him to play a game of Burning Questions. Biebs talked all things Hailey Bieber, from what she smells like to what annoys her. Tune in up top.

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Elizabeth Warren also stopped by Ellen. The Democratic presidential nominee hopeful discussed whether or not she plans to stay in the race and said we should all be “very worried” about coronavirus.

On whether or not Super Tuesday will dictate her time in the race:

“So, you know obviously, you want to see what’s happening. But when I first got in this race, I always figured it was going to be a long, long race and that it was unlikely that anybody was going to get a majority, although I’m out there fighting for it every day. This is kind of for me the fight of my life. I’m not somebody who looked in the mirror and said, ‘Oh, President’ when I was 17. I looked in the mirror and said, ‘Public school teacher.’” 

On coronavirus:

“We should be very worried. This is a time for real leadership, so I’ve been putting out plans about this for a while now,” she said, adding “I think we should make all testing for the virus entirely free and when a vaccine comes out, we should make that free. If anyone is quarantined, we should pay the wages for them. Just set aside a sum of money to do that.”

See her speak on the public health crisis, the race, and more in the clip above.

Elsewhere on television, Netflix revealed which cast members are returning for season 4 of Stranger Things. Press play on the clip above to see which characters were invited to the official table read and stay tuned!