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WNBA’s Ashley Battle was a cool hostess, carrying out an evening of introduction for her charitable organization amongst a group of her peers, shining light on what has yet to come. Night life Of a good setting for a mature audience, letting good times see itself, loving the cause she’s dedicated to bringing forth..

A night alongside the ‘Culture Bound foundation’s’ charitable event for the Youth was a smoove time with cool Individuals, networking & seeing an evening over business.. topics ranging from discussions of the advancement of disenfranchised Youth, to other organizations with similar movements.. goodtimes!!

Dedicated to the uplifting of a movement for the youth threw Basket Ball camps & Job readiness workshops, Ashley Battle is as focused as a fourth quarter foul shout, something to love. Any further  inquiries can be  directed to @ the attention Of ‘the culture foundation’ for further assistance, Be shore to do So!!

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