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Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated performance on MTV2’s acoustic music showcase “Unplugged” has been the talk of music land.

MTV2 isn’t giving away too much information about Lil Wayne’s upcoming episode, which airs June 12 at 9 p.m., but they did release Lil Wayne’s buzzworthy performance of his Bangladesh produced track “6 Foot 7 Foot” featuring Cory Gunz. 

A shirtless Lil Wayne, accompanied by a full band, rocked the stage as hundreds of “Unplugged” fans held on his every word. 

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Weezy also sat down with MTV2’s Twitter jockey winner Gabi Gregg and dished about his “Unplugged” performance. During his “Unplugged” performance, Lil Wayne also performs Tupac Shakur’s “Hail Mary.”

In the interview, Lil Wayne hinted at being similar to late-great rapper Tupac. “There’s a whole bunch of similarities between Pac and I, and I just thought it was the perfect song, and of course I had to give a tribute to the people that did what I do so much better than I do and Tupac is one on them.”

Check out Lil Wayne’s interview below and click on the next page to watch his performance!

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