The Daily Grind Video

time to step In Ya’ fresh gear for the moment Of a cool & get right for that first School Month, Or ‘Months’ If You One Of the fly Ones!!!! [LOL]

Now I know what some may be thinking, Studying On them long nights to see the signs Of success they may want to achieve with there future.. ‘Its Rough’ & ‘Its Boring’ & ‘Some Of my teachers…..’ etc. & with the moment being such an Influential One, You become easily distracted by the vibe Of chill sessions, But Its cool though.. I understand & I feel You On It. The schooling era Of life Is one to grow with & trust, It will grow On You..

Books are being distributed, tuition Is high & the cafeteria Is Jumping!! Basketball tryouts are coming & the cheerleaders are getting ready see they step moves come into formation.. The New school swagger Is looking fresh & a lot Of hard work Is about to be implemented into the day ta’ day lifestyle Of the student, this Is Your experience & You cant let It PASS you by,FAILING Isn’t an Option If You trying to maintain the cool..

So,check It.. I came Up with a list of ways to Inshore You Of keeping the cool & maintaining the work @ the same time, balancing the life Out: ‘flava’ 101′ is In Session & Business meets the Pleasure, time to step correct with the movement.. dig Me!!

Rule #1: ‘THE MUST HAVES’= Motivation Is key & Its all about having It together for the season.. Sneaker fresh exclusives @Sneakermestupid to keep the footing correct, Ipod Spinning the thank me later Album by drizzy & a cool extra curricular activity Of Interest to see a good class session, get Ya grind On!!!!

Rule #2: ‘THE BASICS’= Time & time again, I stress this point @ the beginning Of the year.. the circle You roll In determines Your social standing, Keep It simple.. good company, good chill spot to gather with the crew & the best food you can get Ya hands On!! You’ll SURVIVE!!!

& Rule #3: ‘BE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS’= Sunday Nights are to study the weekly material, Home work done as needed & the chill Of a good weekend Party to kick Ya’ feet Up will let You live free!!!! Its the foundation & the best movement to make @ this time.. Ya swagger states that You got Ya’ future On lock by the way You move,BE SMART!!!

..Untill Next time.. lateR & *!!2uece’s!!*-<span class='J-JK9eJ-PJVNOc' style='background-