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It’s looking as if the powerhouse clothing company GAP might be re adjusting Its changes recently made to It’s clothing line logo, with the unveiling of It’s new design as of last week, feedback hasn’t been as smoove as expected with the introduction of It’s new look. Negative comments via It’s Facebook pg from those of It’s support line, asking the company to maintain It’s standard look with the ‘white & blue’ logo, unsatisfied with the company showing any interest in It’s style of progression. President of the GAP brand, Marka Hansen; has decided to retract the new design & continue moving on with the original logo to satisfy his customers, Now understanding Its importance.

I myself like the new logo, something of a cool progression for the company, but I also  understand that when one alters a brand, u also change the direction of marketing. long time supporters of the product
have a right to speak of the new changes, also though.. changes are inevitable in life & as a company u must grow with Your consumers, a new logo is a re introduction of a good brand. But to revert back to
It’s original shows loyalty to It’s consumers, good looking Out!!