Kimberly Tippett, and her son, Kamyrn Cain, were traveling along Interstate 30 in Garland, Tex. when the twister crossed the packed highway and struck her vehicle and several others.

On Monday, twin tornadoes ripped across farmland in east Nebraska, leveling the small town of Pilger, injuring dozens and killing one. At least 16 of those hurt in the rare weather phenomenon were injured critically. About 350 people — all residents of Pilger — evacuated their homes as the twin twisters demolished their town. “More than […]

On Sunday, tornadoes ripped through the south-central United States, damaging homes, leveling entire neighborhoods and killing at least 18 people across three states. But the tornadoes, which hit in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa, are far from over, according to meteorologists. Forecasters warned that tens of millions of people — from Iowa to the Gulf Coast to the Carolinas […]

A rash of rare autumn storms tore through Illinois on Sunday, bringing rain, wind and tornadoes that killed six and leveled entire neighborhoods. According to the Chicago Tribune: “…In southern Illinois, severe weather decimated farms, killing at least five people, including an elderly brother and sister, when a tornado barreled through their house. Farther north, […]

A young boy and his family survived the deadly Oklahoma tornadoes last month, but their home was destroyed.  But while staying with friends in Little Rock, Ark., something very tragic happened to the 5-year-old boy. He was killed by the family’s Bull Mastiff. According to CBS: The boy became upset Saturday afternoon over putting on […]

The Oklahoma medical examiner’s office says it has positively identified all 24 people who were killed by Monday’s massive tornado. The dead include 10 children, two infants and 12 adults. The babies were aged four and seven months. “Our hearts go out to all the people affected by this tragedy,” Amy Elliott of the state […]

It looks like a scene straight out of the 1996 hit film, Twister, but the Oklahoma tornado that leveled the entire town of Moore was not make believe. As recovery efforts continue and residents assess the vast areas of destruction, new video is emerging of the high funneled winds that actually caused all of this […]

When tragedy hits, we often forget that the littlest (or biggest) ones in our families are affected as well: our pets. And yesterday, as a tremendous tornado funneled its way through Moore, Oklahoma, thousands of local livestock and pets were killed…or lost forever. While the reality that Moore residents have lost everything, including loved ones […]

On Monday afternoon, another rash of storms hit Oklahoma after this weekend’s series of tornadoes leveled much of the Midwest. The 2-mile wide tornado destroyed Oklahoma City, but most heartbreaking, the storm leveled Plaza Towers Elementary School and Briarwood Elementary School. There are reports that at least 15 students are trapped under debris at Plaza […]

On Wednesday evening, a powerful storm system that whipped up multiple tornadoes raged through North Texas, killing at least six and injuring dozens. But these powerful twisters weren’t ordinary; they arrived with baseball-sized hail and left flattened homes, trailers and cars in their path. The powerful storm left piles of debris and rubble where buildings […]

The title is apocalyptic, we know, but how else can you describe the murderous rampage Mother Nature has unleashed on the American South? The Mississippi River Is rising, flooding folks out their homes, there was a major earthquake and nuclear meltdown in Japan. In the US over 300 people have died from storm related injuries in […]

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