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When tragedy hits, we often forget that the littlest (or biggest) ones in our families are affected as well: our pets.

And yesterday, as a tremendous tornado funneled its way through Moore, Oklahoma, thousands of local livestock and pets were killed…or lost forever.

While the reality that Moore residents have lost everything, including loved ones and constant furry companions, settles in, there’s still a silver lining out there.

Some of these animals lived. And we’ve gathered the heartwarming (and sometimes heartbreaking) stories of their recovery…and reunion with their family. 

Woman Finds Her Missing “Real Life Toto” During Live Interview

Barbara Garcia survived yesterday’s storm by taking shelter with her dog in a small bathroom. But after the twister left nothing but a pile of rubble where her home used to stand, she realized that her pup was gone.

During a live CBS interview about riding out the storm, her dog miraculously appeared, poking his furry head through mangled debris.

“Well I got God to answer one prayer to let me be okay, but he answered both of them,” Garcia said.

We know…we’re crying too. Watch the miracle here:

At A Devastated Farm, Some Horses Still Stand After 75 Perished In The Storm:

For many families, pets aren’t just a part of the family…they are the family’s livelihood. This is true for the many farms in or near Moore, Oklahoma that were destroyed by the massive tornado yesterday.

The Oklahoma City area is home to smaller ranches that were hit, as well as the Orr Family Farm with 150 horses. Initial reports confirmed that over 75 horses had been killed and live reporters could be heard on air saying that the horses they did see alive were spotted with blood.

But, the horses had survived. Many stood in a zombie daze, and many wandered around what used to be their home, but residents in rescue mode gathered the animals that remained in an effort to transport them to whatever safe zones they could find.

A Gray Kitten, A Mobile Home, An Unforgettable Rescue

About 55 miles east of Oklahoma City, a pet rescue group called One Day Ranch happened upon what used to be a mobile home park. There, they found the smallest, most adorable gray kitten alive. Instant smiles.

The Pup Who Stood By His Person, Even After He Died

This shocked puppy has been making his internet rounds as one of the first pets rescued. Reporters said he was still a little shaken, but otherwise, he was fine. The Oklahoma County sheriff said that the pup was guarding its deceased owner during the tornado. Plans are being made for him to be adopted.

Other Furry & Adorable Pets Who Weathered The Storm 

Rescuers picked this pup up from a house that had been reduced to rubble in Moore, Oklahoma.

These kids are pictured trying to comfort their pet immediately after the storm.

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