On Sunday, tornadoes ripped through the south-central United States, damaging homes, leveling entire neighborhoods and killing at least 18 people across three states. But the tornadoes, which hit in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa, are far from over, according to meteorologists. Forecasters warned that tens of millions of people — from Iowa to the Gulf Coast to the Carolinas […]

It has just been learned, Tim Samaras, a star of the Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers was one of the nine people who died Friday in the tragic tornados that hit Oklahoma.  Relatives told CNN that, Samaras died while chasing the tornado.  Samaras’ brother Jim posted on his Facebook page: “I’m Jim Samaras – Tim Samaras’s brother. Thank […]

Mother nature is roaring!… and she’s been trying to tell us to get out sh*t together! Just a week after Oklahoma was devestated by a deadly tornado, another round of twisters hit the state yesterday night. Fires have been breaking out, earthquakes are hitting with a vengeance and hurricanes have happened in the tri-state area. The […]

The Oklahoma medical examiner’s office says it has positively identified all 24 people who were killed by Monday’s massive tornado. The dead include 10 children, two infants and 12 adults. The babies were aged four and seven months. “Our hearts go out to all the people affected by this tragedy,” Amy Elliott of the state […]

As the days roll on, we’re learning more about the personal stories and devastation that occurred in Moore, Oklahoma after the EF-5 rated tornado tore through the town earlier this week. One of the saddest facts we’ve learned thus far is that 24 people were killed, dozens more were injured, and some are still missing. […]

It looks like a scene straight out of the 1996 hit film, Twister, but the Oklahoma tornado that leveled the entire town of Moore was not make believe. As recovery efforts continue and residents assess the vast areas of destruction, new video is emerging of the high funneled winds that actually caused all of this […]

It’s been less than 24 hours since a massive tornado, almost two miles wide, tore through the Oklahoma suburb of Moore and destroyed everything in its path. Panoramic views of Moore show complete and utter devastation, as rubble litters the ground in huge heaps. Glass, metal and wood clutter areas where buildings once stood and […]

I get it. Believe me I do. Social media is the fastest and most efficient vehicle for news dessimination in the world. That, my friends, is not an overstatement. But like Biggie said, “there are rules to this shit.” Twitter and Instagram aren’t a free-for-all anymore. So tread carefully. What do I mean here? The recent […]

The images of blood covered Moore, OK tornado survivors are forever stained in our minds, or at least until the next natural disaster hits. The stories of children clinging together in hallways at Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary, while their teachers hovered over them as human shields to protect against the falling bricks, are heartbreaking. […]

When tragedy hits, we often forget that the littlest (or biggest) ones in our families are affected as well: our pets. And yesterday, as a tremendous tornado funneled its way through Moore, Oklahoma, thousands of local livestock and pets were killed…or lost forever. While the reality that Moore residents have lost everything, including loved ones […]

On Monday afternoon, a massive two and a half mile wide tornado leveled the town of Moore, Oklahoma. But in the aftermath of the devestating storm, the true tragedy became clear; two elementary schools, leveled by the high winds, still had students inside when they collapsed. According to NBC, there are reportedly 24 children believed […]