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Mother nature is roaring!… and she’s been trying to tell us to get out sh*t together!

Just a week after Oklahoma was devestated by a deadly tornado, another round of twisters hit the state yesterday night.

Fires have been breaking out, earthquakes are hitting with a vengeance and hurricanes have happened in the tri-state area. The effects of global warming are getting more severe and more frequent and it’s time for a brief lesson!

With the help of our very own Uncle Rush, we’d like to bring you some info on one of the surprising contributors to mother nature’s cries for help… Cow farts!


Yes you read that correctly… the gas passed by cows causes more c02 emissions than all of the trains, planes, automobiles combines around the world.

According to How Stuff Works:

The world’s 1.5 billion cows and billions of other grazing animals emit dozens of polluting gases, including lots of methane.

Why does this happen? Well…cows, goats, sheep and several other animals belong to a class of animals called ruminants, and these ruminants eat food, regurgitate it as cud and eat it again. Their stomachs which they use to digest their food, are filled with bacteria, but also produce methane.

Initially, grazing areas were filled with a bunch of grasses and flowers that grew naturally, offering a diverse diet for cows but all that changed when pastures became reseeded with perennial ryegrass in fertilizer for “efficiency” purposes a.k.a  we need to feed these cows now now NOW!

But this so called efficient grass is difficult for our lovely cows to digest so it ferments in their stomachs, where it interacts with microbes, produce methane and bam! Cows farts and belches fill our air and here we are… Just another way we abuse our mother earth that needs to be remedied.

I think God, Allah, Buddha are all wishing we’d take action and get back on mother nature good side. The time is now!


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