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In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday (May 14), we are celebrating our favorite Black momagers in entertainment. These stellar mommy managers helped launch the careers of countless stars like Keke Palmer, Jacob Latimore, and Marsai Martin. Wish them a Happy Mother’s Day and celebrate their success with a gallery saluting their contributions to television, film, music and sports inside.

Ever wondered how some of the biggest names in the industry started so young and ended up being the successful superstars they are today? Well, it all started with the support from their loving mothers. Mother’s Day honors the moms around the world who continue to pour into society in one of the most fascinating ways. Not only contributing by giving life by birthing the next generation, but nurturing their children’s gifts and talents so that they may recontribute to the world authentically.

Moms, like Sharon Palmer, who birthed the boss superstar Keke or Tish Taylor-Searcy who gave us her talented son Jacob, are the women behind the scenes putting in the real work. They saw a spark in their passionate children and decided to act on their skills in a major way.

Of course, when fans hear the word “momager,” the name Kris Jenner usually comes to mind. She single-handedly shaped the careers of her entire family after one unfortunate (or fortunate depending on how you look at it) sex tape. A momager is defined as the mother of a famous person, who is also their manager.

Jenner is definitely a great momager to highlight, but we want to shine a light on the wonderful Black moms who have contributed to entertainment with fierceness, passion and tenacity.

Happy Mother’s Day to these wonderful moms!

Check out a gallery of entertainment’s best momagers below:

1. Tina Douglas: Momager to Singer Ashanti


2. Tish Taylor-Searcy: Momager to Artist & Actor Jacob Latimore

Source:Tish Taylor-Searcy

3. Nova Perry: Momager to Artist Justine Skye


4. Dawn Irons: Momager to Artist Ryan Destiny


5. LaToya Brooks: Momager to Actress & Singer Aria Brooks

Source:Brooks Arts Collective

6. Sharon Palmer: Momager to Entertainer & Executive Keke Palmer


7. Carol Martin: Momager to Actress & Executive Marsai Martin

"Fantasy Football" Premiere & Event Source:Getty

8. Robyn Simpson Reid: Momager to Actress Storm Reid


9. Stacia Mac: Momager to Rapper Polo G


10. Tricia Cheaves: Momager to Personality & Entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves

Source:Tricia Cheaves

11. Sammy Schuster: Momager to Football Star JuJu Smith-Schuster

Source:Sammy Schuster

12. Johanna Leia: Momager to UCLA Basketball Star Amari Bailey

Source:Johanna Leia

13. Felicia Jones: Momager to Star Quarterback Lamar Jackson