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I get it. Believe me I do. Social media is the fastest and most efficient vehicle for news dessimination in the world.

That, my friends, is not an overstatement.

But like Biggie said, “there are rules to this shit.” Twitter and Instagram aren’t a free-for-all anymore. So tread carefully.

What do I mean here? The recent tragedy in Oklahoma got me thinking. We all wanted to latest updates on the devastating storm that leveled the entire town of Moore. We all wanted to be first to know all the gritty details, and see all the heartbreaking photos.

And, true to social media nature, we all wanted to be the first to send our prayers to Oklahoma. And while I know in your heart of hearts all you wanted to do was support, you missed a few things.

Like this photo:

This was one of the many collages circulating the social-sphere today but one of these photos does not go. The middle picture of baby Baylee Amon was taken in (1995) Okahoma city bombing.






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