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It looks like a scene straight out of the 1996 hit film, Twister, but the Oklahoma tornado that leveled the entire town of Moore was not make believe.

As recovery efforts continue and residents assess the vast areas of destruction, new video is emerging of the high funneled winds that actually caused all of this damage…and death.

Check out some of the craziest, most unbelievable videos of the towering, dark clouds developing into the tornado. Then, watch as the tremendous tornado finally hits the ground and whips up everything in its path.

Charles Cook was in Newcastle, OK., when the storm started to form. He managed to capture the entire thing on his cellphone camera.

Watch as he searches for a way to get out of the storm’s path as he becomes uncomfortably close to it.

Another video taken from Newcastle, OK. shows just how wide the funnel actually was.

In this aerial view of the tornado, you can see power lines explode as it gets larger and darker from the debris it picked up.

Cars speed down the road as they try to escape the forming tornado in Moore. Then, a close up of the storm shows the swirling outer clouds full of debris. We’re surprised (and glad) this cameraman didn’t get hurt.

Even in its early stages, the massive Oklahoma tornado caused millions of dollars in damage, as told by this reporter. Watch as the storm seems to stay still for just a minute before traveling its 20 miles of destruction across Moore.