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On Wednesday evening, a powerful storm system that whipped up multiple tornadoes raged through North Texas, killing at least six and injuring dozens.

But these powerful twisters weren’t ordinary; they arrived with baseball-sized hail and left flattened homes, trailers and cars in their path.

The powerful storm left piles of debris and rubble where buildings once stood and trees of all sizes were strewn across yards. 

At least 50 people were taken to the hospital and as of Thursday, 14 people are still missing in the town of Granbury, just outside of Forth Worth.

Here’s what the tornadoes left in their deadly wake.

A tractor overturned by the tornadoes crushes a car. 

One of the twisters can be seen as it forms miles away.

This eyewitness caught a glimpse of the tornado as it rages through the small town.

Hail the size of grapefruits pelted the small North Texas neighborhoods before the tornadoes hit.

This funnel of dust and wind may look weak, but the wide twister ripped roofs off of homes and injured nearly 100 people.

SOURCE: ABC | HuffPost