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Who is Oprah Winfrey?  If you ask 50 Cent, he’d present to you a scraggly and adorable grey terrier that is fully equipped with a Twitter account to spit shockingly dirty wrath in human lingo.  

Fiddy’s dog, Oprah’s Twitter account @OprahTheDog was launched with, “50 is crazy I want a new f-in owner he broke my leg goddamn it!”.  

Oprah continues to rant, “Motherf-ker 50 almost stepped on me this morning and he knew I was at the foot of the bed, and he always calls me for nothing!”  

The ventriloquist beefing act between Oprah and 50 Cent is baffling yet hilarious, and while it is obvious to the crass and lighthearted that 50 is just goofing around, animal activists are most definitely dialing G-Unit furiously to blow up his voicemail and taking it too seriously.  

Oprah calls out 50 and takes playful jabs, ‘And he always plays his music too loud. Don’t nobody wanna hear that s–t! he aint made a classic since get rich or die tryin.”  


The daily complaints of a hip hop canine is more entertaining than anyone can expect, “He sent me to a trainer for 2 whole months n expected me to run to him when he came back. f–k this I need a new owner.’

50 Cent also takes preemptive measures for PETA attacks by saying “This is my dog Oprah Winfrey, I broke her leg cause the PETA people threw paint on my coat. F That!” with an accompanying Twitpic.  


But he assures the public that Oprah’s life is not in danger, “The b-tch gonna be alright, I took her to the doctor”, with additional images of him threatening his dog with a knife.  

Even with a Twitter-real death threat ‘Yeah I thought u’d change your mind bitch! You can take it! Dont worry it will be a lil sharp pain but you’ll be alright @OprahTheDog.’Oprah’s not scared.  

Apparently Oprah does not welcome meddlers and wants to fight and make up with 50 on her own accord, “You @PETA people need to mind ur own f-kin business… its personal s–t going on here.”  

50 Cent’s relationship with his jester avatar is absurd but it goes to show that only 50 can talk smack about himself as Oprah the Dog reaffirms,“Oh yeah, only I can talk s–t about my dad!”