Piper-When did you fall in love with fashion?

Marcus- “Ever since I could remember gosh it goes back, I guess its when I started paying attention my image in middle school, that was my first introduction to fashion, I would read you know different fashion magazines and keep up with the latest rends. I m from the DC, Maryland area and that’s such a trendy area, people are known for always being fly and what not, so around that time was in it really started to affect me”



Piper- What’s your fashion resume?

Marcus- “Started in retail, moved up to Visual Merchandiser and became store manger. So I basically became responsible for the general aesthetics of the store, the window displays and product placement Then I partnered with a friend of mine and we started a clothing line but it was just for fun, but we began to have some sort of buzz so we kept it going . We started with acrylic paints and then went to screenprinting T-shirts and upon my departure from the company the were in 60 stores throughout the US! And from there lead me to the launch my line in April 2009.”

Piper-So tell me about the line?

Marcus- “Marc C is the line but there are sort of three individuals that make up the men’s collection, Marcus is the homeboy from Maryland just real cool

Marc C is more gaudy and flashy, the over the top fashion designer,

And then there is Marc Clark who’s the assertive businessman that keeps it grown and conservative, so all three of these personalities make up the Marc C brand.

So the first to launch was the Marc C line, which consisted of the bowties that have received such a well welcoming by a lot of celebs. “







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