Fans have been raving about the genius of the character Quentin Spivey played by Terrence Howard. Click inside to find out why!

This week, Peacock released the official trailer and first look images at its new limited drama series. Click inside to check them out!

The action thriller also stars Jeremy Piven, Terrence Howard and Lil Yachty. Check out the trailer right now!

Regina King has her hands full directing and producing several projects into the new year. The award-winning actress will star and produce upcoming Netflix biopic, Shirley. Read more details inside.

Terrence Howard is the “mayne” of the month now after memes of him in different movie scenes, replacing “man” with “mayne”  has taken over the Internet. Over the weekend, the Empire star proved he has a sense of humor by responding to the hilarious memes dominating social media.   Check out some of […]

For reasons no one can quite explain, the Internet has been fascinated with casting Terence Howard for fictional roles in movies. Needless to say, it’s been the most hilarious thing ever. Everyone has been creating memes using Howard’s trademark “mayne” and awesome Photoshop skills. The results have been priceless. But wait, they get better! Hit […]

Empire returns tomorrow for the fourth season and the Lyon family is finally together but it looks like they will have some tough battles to fight. Lucious is dealing with memory loss and his nurse played by Demi Moore might be up to no good. Cookie ain’t havin’ that. I sat down with Taraji P […]

Terrence Howard might have to dish out some of his Empire earnings due to a ruling on Wednesday. In a California appeals court, a three-justice panel ruled to reinstate Howard’s divorce judgement involving his second wife — a judgement that was tossed out by a lower court in 2015. The ruling could allow Michelle Ghent to […]

Terrence Howard has chimed in on the Mo’Nique vs. Lee Daniels beef that recently went from zero to 60 this past weekend. At a comedy show at the Apollo Theatre on Mother’s Day, Mo’Nique called out heavy hitters Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey as “black d*cks who had no balls.” Her comments continue a […] Things aren’t looking to good for actor Morocco Omari. The Empire star who plays Lucious’ half-brother, has been arrested for allegedly brutalizing a woman. According to TMZ, law enforcement revealed that on Wednesday, a 24-year-old woman called 911 in Chicago, claiming she and Omari were arguing when he pushed her to the ground several times. She […]