The Daily Grind Video

On December 13th, 2009, the Big Homie Snoop Dogg held court in Esquire Magazine’s swanky and saucy ’11 Million Dollar Bachelor Pad’ in support of his new album Malice N Wonderland. The penthouse palace located in downtown Manhattan’s Soho Mews building is jazzy cool and eclectic in spacing and style. Each room has it’s own interior design theme. The main entertainment room that Snoop occupied showcased some extreme art, a pool table with motion graphics and comfy backless sofas. After a few drinks and idle chatter among us, the 10 or so journalists and bloggers took to their seats to await Tha Doggfather.

Pretty much on cue, Snoop comes gliding in the amazing space, flanked by his 4 deep person crew. He stands before his see-through chair and takes a quick scan of the room. As he does this, I take a quick scan of his gear. Ah. Wow… the way he came dressed to this roundtable style interview is like he never left his garage, essentially wearing what he does when working on his beloved ’64. Dude had on some suede black and gold kicks, baggy (well, everything is baggy on him) black and red sweatpants, a Voltron emblazoned hoodie, a rather roomy blue tinted plaid flannel, topped with a bright yellow skully with black lettering that said ‘WeDa West’.

The round robin style of questioning seems to be the new thing for rappers that have been in the game for 16 plus years