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2009 was a good year for music but there’s still a whole bunch of albums that have yet to been released. A few of these awaited albums have been given release dates (that fell through), while others have yet to be announced. Nonetheless, I’ll remain hopeful that the albums on the list will come out in 2010. Here’s the music I’d wish will come out next year (in no particular order).

Dr. Dre: Detox


The album we’ve been waiting so long for. There’s not too much to say here. Tons of artists talk about being involved with the project. Dre says he’s working everytime he’s asked about it. Stop talking and just put the record out. It’s overdue.


Ever since Speakerboxx/ The Love below, I’ve been waiting on their return as a group (I don’t count Idlewild). They put out Royal Flush with Raekwon a while back, which was an incredible track. Big Boi has been talking up his solo disc, and in a recent interview, he said that he and Dre 3 Stacks’ solo efforts will be released in 2010, following their group project, pending the fans’ response to their solo albums. Hopefully Big Boi will stay true to his word and we’ll be bumping all new ‘O’ tunes in the new year!


He’s been locked up this past year, so you already know while in the pen T.I. has been writing some amazing songs. Usually when an artist of his caliber goes into jail, they come out better than ever. Only time will tell if TIP made his mini vacation a productive one, but more than likely, he’ll come out swinging, with his rhymes sharper and better than before.

Nicki Minaj

Being a part of one of the most popular rap crews will definitely give you a big buzz, but being one of the only females in the rap game doing their thing will give you an even bigger buzz. Nicki Minaj has grown into an amazing emcee, finding her voice and implementing her swag on everything she touches. You can hear her on various features and even the Young Money album, but her true shining moment will be when she drops her solo LP. We’re watching Miss Minaj!

The Diplomats

They’ve been feuding for some time now, but it would be great if the Dips put their differences aside and released a new album. When they were together, their reign was unstoppable. They had the mixtape circuit on lock, they were the hottest thing on Rocafella (in my opinion), and everyone in the crew from Cam to JR Writer had something out. Someone needs to remind those Harlem boys that birds in a feather flock should flock together.


Recently released from prison after serving a ten year bid, former Bad Boy artist Shyne has to be who’s album I’m anticipating the most. Remembering back to 1999-2000, Shyne had hits. His flow was unique and his rhymes were hard hitting. Recent reports have surfaced tha

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