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Today I had the pleasure of talking to my great friend and mentor Terry Lewis. Seriously, almost everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like it should be in a song, poem, or book. Such an insightful individual. Anyway, after going over a bit of business he began to remind me about the importance of planning. So I thought I’d pass some of his wisdom on to you.

If I wanted to drive to New York from Los Angeles, getting on a freeway and heading East without some planning might land me in Mexico.’ Think about it, even God had a plan,’ Terry said. Would you agree that learning and bettering yourself is the general purpose of life? If so, the truth is, whether your plan is for 7 days, 7 years, or 7 decades, without some idea as to what you want to accomplish within a set amount of time, bettering yourself is at least impossible. But, with consideration and vision you can create direction. Of course, things don’t always go as planned because “time and unforeseen occurrence befall [us] all’ (Ecclesiastes 9:11). Still, having a planned path makes overcoming, recalibrating and correcting less difficult, so as to reach your destination. ??Here are a few tips I found (

1: Envisioning: Consider a goal you want to reach.

2: Fitting: After the end goal is envisioned, the route to it must fit the reality of circumstances. For success, create the goal or sub-goal so that it is:

• Desirable in that you care about achieving the results,

• Definable so that you know what it is and when you have reached it

• Doable in a way that you can really understand being reached.

3: Clarifying: Of course, look over the route again (and again if helpful): ‘measure twice (or thrice) and cut once.’ Writing the plan provides more clarifying support. Written goal steps can promote confidence, follow-through and success. The steps might be as simple as ‘ready, get set, go!’ for starters. Overall, we are built to learn, progress, and succeed and we can, if we take the time to Plan. Dream. Scheme. Achieve.

All Love.