Everything Leslie Jones does, she does it well — even when it comes to something as simple as tweeting. The comedian is known for her high energy and down to earth charm, which makes people want to listen to whatever she has to say. Leslie made such a name for herself tweeting the 2016 Summer […]

The Olympian just lost one of his biggest sponsors: Speedo pulled the plug on its relationship with the gold medalist.

It's been an intense week for Ryan Lochte and his Olympic teammates after they claimed to have been robbed and held at gunpoint while in Rio.


What’s suede, leather, and gorgeous all over? That would be the Supra’s new Society 2010 Holiday collection. The trendy sneakers, which are a favorite of Justin Bieber, are going to be sold at the brand’s online store FACTORY413 as well as in stores nation wide. Justin Bieber wore a pair of Supras Nickelodeon Kids Choice […]


N.E.R.D. releases the artwork for their forthcoming album ‘Nothing.’ On the cover, Pharrell is looking like ‘chief-lots-a-dough’ while rocking a head piece that resembles a native american headdress with a military flair. The photgraphy was done by famed fashion photographer, Terry Richardson. I don’t know if N.E.R.D.’s album and videos are going to be centered […]

Kim Kardashian put on this leopard print outfit and put on a show for Terry. Terry Richardson the world famous photographer who has shot almost everyone and their momma. Literally. Terry posted the photo outtakes on his online diary. These photos are for The Sunday London Times and I’ll tell you what… On a hotness […]


Crazy Florida pastor, Rev Terry Jones spent yesterday flip-flopping on his threat to burn Korans. First, he promised to ditch the protest. Then he claimed he’d been conned into thinking the Ground Zero mosque would move, and said the book burning would go on. Maybe. The bizarre game-playing began at 4 p.m., when Defense Secretary Robert […]


Reebok is releasing new sneakers for their Fall/Winter ‘10 New Classics and Woven Label collections. Terry Richardson, world-renowned photographer helped make this possible, working with Reebok on the shoot. The photos will be used in an international PR campaign throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and will also appear in many magazines. The sneakers […]


Rev. Terry Jones is the newest character to come out of this wave of Mosque and Muslim bashing. In the days leading up to the 9th anniversary of September 11, Rev. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center has taking it upon himself to burn copies of the Islamic holy book, the Quran, in […]

The ‘Expendables’ star Terry Crews showed off his ripped and raw physique today August 19, in the New York City Stock Exchange. The sitcom actor turned action star came to ring the opening bell, along with co-stars and veteran actors Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren. The Expendables opened in the number one spot […]