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Big ups to Newark, Mayor Cory Booker and the all of the people of the city for having its first murder free month since 1966.

Seems like our boy Cory Booker is on his job in the dirty jerz. This is a good look for the city, a murder free month for the first time in 40 years. I’m sure Mr. Booker’s innovations like his nightly patrols contributed to the decline in murders. They need to explore this more to find out what has changed and build on its momentum. If they can go one month then they can go two months and then maybe the year hopefully.  #AllEyesOnNewark!

Police Director Garry McCarthy says the last time the city went through a calendar month without a murder was in May 1966. Two years ago, the city went 43 days spanning parts of January and February without a murder.

Ten people have been murdered in the city in the first quarter of 2010, the same number as last year but the second-lowest since 1941.


Not only was it a historic month in Newark, but also it was historic for the documentary that was made about Newark and Cory Booker.  BRICK CITY took home a Peabody Award. Congrats to the entire team who made that amazing doc!