Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon will headline a press conference tomorrow protesting the decision of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to allow fracking in New York State. The pair, respectively the wife and son of Beatle John Lennon, have pulled together a slate of artists opposed to fracking — […]

Bill Adler, legendary publicist, journalist, critic, gallerist, archivist, record label executive, biographer, documentarian, and co-author of Def Jam: The First 25 Years of The Last Great Record Label, spoke to GlobalGrind on Thursday about his work and about Def Jam in the early days. (The book, published by Rizzoli, and in stores on October 11, […]

We’ve all seen the GQ photoshoot with Glee’s resident hotties, Cory Monteith, Diana Agron andLea Michele. Sure they might have been a little racy, but honestly, was it any worse than any other magazine spreads we’ve seen? The Parents Television Council seems to think so. ‘It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for […]

Cory Montieth, of the hit show ‘Glee,’ is looking like the man is the November issue of GQ magazine. Cory Montieth along with his ‘Glee’ Co-stars Dianna Agron and Lea Michele share the cover and photo spread for GQ magazine and the girls are looking might sexy dressed in close to nothing for this photo […]


Cory Gunz and Rocksmith team up on the new video Know My Name, which gives us the first preview of the Militia Program for the RockSmith Collection. The collection launches in the Spring of 2011. Cory Gunz, who recently signed to the Young Money Cash Money family, shot the video in his homewtown of the […]


Mark Zuckerberg just friended the city of Newark, New Jersey and it only cost him $100 million bucks. Turns out the FACEBOOK founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will donate $100 million to help Newark public schools, according to the Wall Street Journal. According to the Journal; Mr. Zuckerberg is setting up a foundation with $100 million of […]

The heavily anticipated new season of ‘Glee’ has fans eagerly awaiting. The premier episode, ‘Audition,’ airs on FOX, Tuesday, Sep. 21 at 8PM. It seems a new romance is stirring between Finn and Rachel (Cory Monteith and Lea Michele)… So it turns out that Quinn, better known as Dianna Agron, is more than just your […]

The cast of Glee was out in full force for last nights airing of the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. The Glee cast got glamed up for the event, far from there typical high school attire they don on the show. Lea Michele, who plays Rachel on the show, look stunning in an Oscar de la […]

Calling all Glee fans, we have an update on a new cast member for this upcoming season! It has already been confirmed that Chord Overstreet, best known for his work on iCarly, will be joining the cast this season, but there have been rumors on what character will play. Chord Overstreet will be playing the […]


  Cory Gunz: ‘The name of the EP is God Forgives, I Don’t. It’s ready but I wanted to make sure I could put the project out properly,’ Cory told VIBE recently from his home studio. ‘I’m not trying to flood the market and oversaturate myself. So I’m taking long to keep building the anticipation […]


Everyone knows that Us (Coco&&Breezy) Don’t EVER take our shades off in public,let alone snap PHOTOS without our shades on !!!  Ever since we moved to NY, we wear our shades all day and all night! ‘ WE WEAR OUR SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT‘  B-) Coco&&Breezy Eyewear has been branded with us wearing our shades,because when you […]