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Cory Gunz: ‘The name of the EP is God Forgives, I Don’t. It’s ready but I wanted to make sure I could put the project out properly,’ Cory told VIBE recently from his home studio. ‘I’m not trying to flood the market and oversaturate myself. So I’m taking long to keep building the anticipation for this one. With my new situation at Young Money/Cash Money, I felt these songs were too valuable to give away on a mixtape. I haven’t forgotten about my mixtape soldiers. You can also be on the lookout for a ’90s mixtape, which I’d love to get Mr. Cee on. It would be an honor to get his direction. I also got a mixtape called Guns and Euros. I’m trying to push that internationally with my producer Soulfly from France.I always want to step outside the box when I do collaborations. Just know that I got some stuff in the works with Weezy when he comes home. People always ask why I don’t do songs with too many people, but I just want sure if I work with someone we do something that never would be expected.My TV show is definitely coming out this year. It’s called Son of a Gun and should be out by October or November. Basically, it’s about my upbringing in this industry, all my trials and tribulations. I actually don’t want to call it a reality show. It’s just an inside look into my journey in the music industry.’